The poet and writer Alfred Fürst, who was born on 12.01.1950 in Freilassing, tries to do a discussion contribution for a new view of historical, social and philosophic assumptions.

The introduction of his collection of poems "Poems and Sonettes" at several German-speaking universities and the spreading of his works all over the world show strong public interest in his thoughts.

Since 1973 he has mainly been occupied with the themes theology, philosophy history and psychology. Hereby his motives rely to finding the truth and the practical mastering of problems.

His whole work includes more than 3000 DIN A4 pages of manuscripts, 1 novel, 1 treatise, 370 aphorisms, 70 Bavarian sonettes as well as many other sonettes.

Beside his collection of poems "Poemsand Sonettes", which was published 1984 for the first time, the poet also offers a video of his readings.